Hi! I'm Adrián, a "tico" that will
help you out stay creative!

I'm a foodie, wine enthusiast
and I have a deep passion for creating great user experiences.


Here is a glance of some projects I've done over the years. Please feel free to check them out!
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Seeds of impact

Conceptualization, direction and execution of "Seeds of impact" video series

La Uvita Perdida Lodge

Concept and design of the brand. Web design and digital marketing strategy for La Uvita Perdida Lodge

ADF Academy

Web design and social media enhancement through web design and marketing strategies

Conceptualize and execution of communication plans for digital promotions of the masters programs.

Design of the new website for this non-profit organization.

Concept and Design the new website for CNC in Costa Rica

Develop email marketing optimization and content design


Design and develop the conceptual image for a new MBA modality

Create product sampling proposals for supermarkets and brand awareness

About Me

I specialized in Visual Communications, as my major, specifically from print to web design. Also, my scope contains several tools such as: HTML/CSS development, user experience, information architecture and project management. I am a critical thinker, decision-making kind of person and love to solve problems. I am passionate about User Experience and Information Architecture. Did I mention that?

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